Brampton Capital has relationships with many independent lenders throughout the US, including some of the most sophisticated sources of debt in the market. These lenders which include REITs, pension fund advisors, banks, private equity funds , government funding programs and non-correspondent lenders loan billions of dollars of commercial mortgages every year.

We can offer many different loan structures, including floating and fixed rate debt, mezzanine loans, bridge loans, and even some equity investments.

Our lenders offer recourse and non-recourse loans, provide flexible prepayments, and lend at competitive rates. Brampton Capital’s loan size is $500,000 and up and we have financed properties in excess of $100 million. We have the resources to finance office buildings, anchored and unanchored retail centers, regional malls, apartments, hotels, credit leased properties, industrial warehouses and service centers, self-storage facilities, mobile home parks.

Please contact Bill Stewart 704-449-4697 or [email protected].