1666) Established, Southern California, growing digital agency focusing on eCommerce optimization and support with annual revenues of ~$1.3m and cash flow of ~$420k. 17 employees, fully remote business. Seller would like to remain in the business. Business includes a portfolio of Saas products.

1664) Established, Southern US MSP with 2023 revenues of ~$720k and adjusted EBITDA of ~$200k from ~50 clients. Clients are mostly local; 25-100 employee businesses. High recurring revenue; 2 employees in addition to owners; owners are looking to move on.

1662) Digital marketing agency with annual revenue of more than $4m and cash flow of $1.8m with ~65% recurring customers, fortune 50 customers and an average order value of more than $75k. 12 employees and no seasonality.

1661) Western US design and hosting business with 2023 revenue of ~$500k and adjusted EBITDA of ~$330k. Business specializes in cost effective website development, hosting, and SEO. Customer base is primarily SMBs in the US with recurring revenue coming from website subscriptions, development and hosting. Run by two owners managing their two staff members. Offers flexible payment options. Selling looking to exit.
1659) Established, growing, digital marketing business with annual revenues of ~$850k, approximately $720k recurring, and earnings of ~$560k. Services provided have evolved to include social media management, influencer marketing, email marketing, and more. Owner works full time operating the business and utilizes freelancers on a project basis.

1658) Highly profitable, US IP leasing and hosting company with annualized revenue of ~$1.6m. ~225k owned IPv4 addresses with an additional ~40k leased from third parties. Long-term, Blue chip customer base with ~80% in the US and the remainder in Europe. Two employees.

1657) Western US MSP with ~$1.7m of revenue and ~$300k of EBITDA. ~80% recurring, average client tenure of 10 years, six employees, ConnectWise.

1653) Digital agency with 2023 revenue of ~$4.2m and EBITDA of ~$1.7m. The Company creates digital and viral experiences for brands that are looking for creative ways to break through the noise of the internet. The main products of the firm are (a) creating large scale viral marketing campaigns for brands, (b) full video production for commercials, TV shows, etc., (c) providing various software as service / white label technology solutions for brands. Well known marquee customers.

1650) Established full-service digital marketing agency with revenues of ~$11m and income of ~$4m. ~50 employees. The agency provides a range of services designed for businesses in every stage of their life cycle to help them achieve sustainable growth, market expansion, and long-term success. Owner is happy to stay through transition and remain engaged as an advisor.

1649) Established Southcentral US IT Company with annual revenues of $2.5m and EBITDA of ~$580k. Company specializes in integrating voice and data structured cabling systems, fiber optic cabling, paging, audio/visual cabling & equipment, indoor/outdoor communication networks, industrial automation environments, outside plant applications, distributed antenna systems, and Wireless AP installations. Approximately $1m – $1.5m/y in recurring revenue and 20+ full-time employees and contractors. Seller owns and is also selling the office space but this can be sold separately. Seller wishes to retire but will stay as long as necessary to ensure a successful transition. Pre-qualified for SBA financing

1648) Established email automation firm with annual revenues of ~$640k from more than 70 customers and earnings of ~$210k. The Company’s solutions integrate into all ecommerce platforms. All of the Company’s customers are physical product companies and mostly in the US. The business is not SBA financing eligible.

1646) UPDATED – Established, Western US MSP with TTM revenue of ~$2.0m and EBITDA of ~$630k. Offers managed services and cloud services Multiple verticals. Experienced team. Owners retiring.

1645) Mid-Atlantic area, B2B Cybersecurity IaaS threat detection company with annual recurring revenues of ~$330K from a subscription-based model. A remote & relocatable online business with scalable IaaS fulfillment. Healthy profit margins and growth potential. Sellers willing to stay on in a consulting role.

1644) Northeastern US MSP with projected 2023 revenue of ~$2.6M and ~$678K of EBITDA. ~60% of revenue comes from one large client. 29% of Managed Service revenue is recurring on 1 to 3 years contracts. Seller is a sole proprietor who loves technology but dislikes the admin of running a business. He is willing to stay on for the right buyer and offer.

1643)  Training and Coaching company for Digital Marketing and Online Education Companies with TTM revenue ~$6.7mm and NOI of ~$3.2mm.  Assisted over 107 clients hit the $1mm in revenue mark.  Over 1,000 active customers.  No customer over 10% of revenue.  5 customer plans.  31 employees

1640) Established New York metro area MSP with 2022 revenues of $433k and adjusted EBITDA of $152k. Specializes in the entertainment industry with some world-famous brands as clients. Also serves other industries including pharmaceutical. Clients on contracts. Customers are largely SMBs in the New York metro area and served remotely. It has no employees besides the owner who is seeking to transition out of IT but is open to remaining in a sales role.

1639) Full-service digital marketing agency with annual revenue of ~$3.7m and cash flow of ~$550k. Main focus has been building scalable, repeatable, direct-response online marketing systems for customer acquisition and retention. Agency works with eCommerce businesses, SaaS products, mobile apps, B2B organizations, personal brands, etc. Average contract size of ~$2,500. Well known within the Amazon fulfillment community.

1637) Digital Marketing Agency with annual revenues of more than ~$800k and cash flow of ~$300k. Business provides service to customers via a set of tools in a SaaS model. They provide clients a platform to perform various Digital Marketing tasks, including social growth and engagement, lead generation, email automation and marketing optimization. Largely US customers. 5 employees.

1636) Turnkey New Zealand registrar in good standing with no domains.

1634/1194) UPDATED – Established, UK area hoster with ~GBP 600k of annualized revenue. Revenues largely from shared (25%), colocation (20%), domains (15%) dedicated (10%), and cloud (10%) among other services. Excellent reputation, WHMCS, cPanel/Plesk, Windows/Linux mix, mostly monthly payers. Company would prefer to sell all the customers in a single transaction but will consider other transactions.

1628) Established, Northeastern US, growing, digital marketing agency with revenue of ~$550k and cash flow of ~$300k. Firm provides a variety of services including logo design, web hosting, SEO, content marketing, etc. Excellent reviews. Key employees will stay with the firm post transaction.

1623) VPS hoster with annual revenues of ~$240k. Using KVM and OpenVZ. Servers co-located in third party facilities in 3 major US markets. Also provides dedicated and shared hosting. DirectAdmin control panel. 

1622) Western Canadian MSP with trailing twelve month (TTM) revenue of CAD$2.7M as of June 2023 and EBTIDA of CAD$531K. Revenue breakdown: Managed IT Services (12%), consulting, cyber security and data protection (31%), VOIP, internet installation and hosting (14%), equipment and software sales (30%), and other (13%). ~50% of revenue is recurring. Customers are on annual contracts. Employees are expected to transition to buyer. Owners are looking to pursue other interests however they are willing to stay on for up a year to provide transition support.

1618) US Shopify focused, digital agency with annual revenues of ~$2.1m and cash flow of ~$1.2m. Starter product bundles store setup, ad management, and comprehensive site management and then shifts to ad sales and ongoing management services. Agency keeps a profits interest on sites under management. Uses a mix of employees (5) and contractors. The two owners will stay as required to ensure a seamless transition.

1616) New Jersey data center with ~6,300 sq ft over 3 floors. Facility sale only, no revenues or customers. Key considerations for this facility are redundant connections to dark fiber trunk lines and its location outside the blast zone area of NYC. Originally constructed for Dell, the property incorporates typical data center equipment including a 500kw backup generator. Infrastructure refresh may be required. Seller occupied but will be moving out to another location.

1609) UPDATED – Established, growing UK MSP, cybersecurity and software developer with annual revenues of ~$800k and cash flow of ~$250k. 50% recurring. Average customer life of 10+ years. Services include cyber security, cloud support services, web and mobile app development, marketing (organic and paid), general data protection (GDPR), and 24/7 IT support. Customer focus in UK financial services but no customer concentration. (Based in the UK but can be run from the US.)

1610) Established Eastern European hoster and colo provider with LTM revenues of ~$900k and an EBITDA margin of 40+%. Revenues largely from Dedicated and VPS services but they also provide shared hosting, Colocation, and IP leasing. Colocation is provided from the company’s owned data center. Windows, Linux, and macOS. cPanel.

1609) Established MSP, cybersecurity and software developer with annual revenues of ~$800k and cash flow of ~$250k. 50% recurring. Average customer life of 10+ years. Services include cyber security, cloud support services, web and mobile app development, marketing (organic and paid), general data protection (GDPR), and 24/7 IT support. Customer focus in UK financial services but no customer concentration. (Based in the UK but we understand it can be run from the US.)

IPv4 Blocks For Sale We have IPv4 blocks in addition to those listed. Don’t forget you can generally transfer ARIN, RIPE, LACNIC and APNIC IPs to your own local registry. Let us know your interest and we can quote various options. Inventory changes all the time, so check with us frequently.

1556) RIPE IPv4 Block: Very clean /22. Can be transferred to APNIC, ARIN or LACNIC  1549) RIPE IPv4 Block: Very clean /22. Can be transferred to APNIC, ARIN or LACNIC 

1545) RIPE IPv4 Block: Very clean /22. Can be transferred to APNIC, ARIN or LACNIC 1491) ARIN IPv4 Blocks: 25k of very clean LEGACY ARIN /22s. Ready to move quickly and wants a single purchaser.

1486) ARIN IPv4 Blocks: A full /21 although buyer will need to put in two tickets for the transfer. Can be transferred to APNIC, RIPE or LACNIC

1485) ARIN IPv4 Blocks: 3,072 IPs – a contiguous /22, /23 & /24, and a contiguous /22 & /24. Can be purchased together or separately. Can be transferred to APNIC, RIPE or LACNIC.

1481) RIPE AS number available for sale.

1461) 5 digit ASN 1457) APNIC IPv4 Blocks: 1x/22. Can be transferred to ARIN, RIPE or LACNIC

1436) RIPE IPv4 Blocks: 2 x /22. Can be transferred to ARIN, APNIC or LACNIC.

1349) UPDATED – IPv4 Blocks: Clean ARIN 4x/24 blocks. Can be transferred to RIPE, APNIC or LACNIC. 1125) UPDATED – LACNIC IPv4 Blocks: 8 x/24. Can be transferred to ARIN, RIPE or APNIC
    Domains Unless otherwise noted, domains are available individually or as a group.

1542) DOMAINS: SecurityExpert[dot]com
1448) DOMAINS: Portfolio of 48 cloud, hosting, big data and tech related domains. Owners is willing to sell separately or as a package. Includes such domains as hostandcolo[dot]com, hybridhosts[dot]com, managedcloud[dot]net, serversamurai[dot]net, and bigdataguide[dot]com. Please enquire for a full list.

1422) DOMAINS: sitedevelopment[dot]net & localmail[dot]com

1323) DOMAINS – ukhosting, sharedwebhosting, iadvertising, advertisingmedia, virtualhost or virtualprivateserver (.coms only). Motivated seller.

1300/1316) DOMAINS & TRADEMARK: .com domain for worldwidewebsites and .com/.info domains for world-wide-websites. Also for sale is the registered trademark WebProcessing® which is about 20 years old and now incontestable but it is for a website creation and content management use so it might not fit other uses. 

1296) DOMAINS: Hosting[dot]company. A great name for marketing, SEO and brand protection for all hosters. (The [dot]company domains are used by a wide variety of businesses including microsoft, amazon, etc.)


1226) DOMAINS: “iot” domains (for both .uk and .co.uk extensions.) 

1185) DOMAINS: Multiple portfolios of premium of .co.uk domain names being sold as individual groups. Portfolios are grouped by category and include separate groups for; technology, finance & fintech, generic business & marketing, business development, and smartphone.

1177) DOMAINS: Lpanel[dot]com, lpanel[dot]net, YardSale[dot]pro, yardsalepro[dot]com, yardsalenet[dot]net, yardsalenet[dot]com, NetReadyBusiness[dot]com, LasVegasWebDesign[dot]com, RITRO[dot]com, Techlines[dot]com, TwistedQuestions[dot]com, TwistedQuestion[dot]com, VegasBoulevard[dot]com, WebDesignDenver[dot]com, WebDesignHouston[dot]com, DallasWebDesign[dot]net & DataCities[dot]net

1146) DOMAINS: Block of bandwidth and hosting related domains. Please contact us for a full list. Examples include; qualitybandwidth.com; unlimiteddatatransfer.com; unmetereddedicatedservers.com; freededicatedserverhosting.com; cogentbandwidth.com; level3bandwidth.com; among others.

1141) DOMAINS: bestvpshosting.com.

1120) UPDATED – NEW .COM DOMAINS ADDED; scotlandhosting, edinburghhosting, edinburghhost, ecowebhost, ecowebhosting, sustainablewebhost 1076) DOMAINS: LondonColocation.com; LondonCollocation.com (and related variants); SSDcloud.com 1072) DOMAINS: Domains for falcongate (com only)

1049) DOMAINS: MoveHost.com; Augmentedrealityhosting.com

1048) DOMAINS: Group of .COM domains (unless otherwise specified), some formerly successful business with good traffic (.g. sendawreath.) Will be sold separately or together. spiritdancer; computersmartz; onbikedeliveries; sendawreath; concealmentrx; concealmentshop.org; oncealthatthing; conexu; fantasymaidz; funeralnegotiators; onbikedelivery; terminaleyes; thepiworld; cherrybrokers; chunkybuttschocolate; conexu.net; pungentoder; tvsmartz; jewelsontheriver.

1045) DOMAINS: 50 very specific web hosting centered domains (10+ years aged) that include such domains as HostAward.com, BannerDesign.com, Honesthostreviews.com, etc. These are perfect for a hosting company that wants to drive organic traffic. 1033) DOMAINS: bespokehosting.co.uk; cheapesthosting.co.uk; ecowebhost.co.uk;emailwebhosting.co.uk; eurohost.co.uk; fasthosting.co.uk; fastwebhost.co.uk; greenhost.co.uk; greenhosting.co.uk; hosted247.co.uk; hostedsolutions.co.uk; hosthq.co.uk; livehosting.co.uk;londonwebhost.co.uk; mediahosting.co.uk; phpwebhost.co.uk; pleskhosting.co.uk; webhostingforum.co.uk; windowshosting.co.uk

1009) DOMANS: Supremenetworks[dot]com; Supremenetworks[dot]net 985) DOMAINS: webhosttexas[dot]com; txwebhosting[dot]net; texaswebdevelopment[dot]net; sfwebhost[dot]net;foodviaweb[dot]com; domainpointer[dot]net; domainpointer[dot]com; californiawebhost[dot]net; austinwebhosting[dot]net; austinwebhost[dot]net; austinweb[dot]net; austinvirtualtours[dot]com.

984) DOMAINS: wispfinder[dot]com; topdotnet[dot]com; surplustelco[dot]com; promusicandsound[dot]com; nosellnopay[dot]com; mp3hite[dot]org; mp3hite[dot]net; mp3-hite[dot]org; modernpowertools[dot]com; lattefactors[dot]com; kitchensnstuff[dot]com; goodgundeals[dot]com; golfintime[dot]com; go-to-my-pc[dot]com; genevonline[dot]com; findfreecreditreport[dot]com; ferretboard[dot]com; fastpowertools[dot]com; corvette-auction[dot]com; cashadvanceamericas[dot]com; cashadvanceamerican[dot]com. The following is available in .org & .net – brushmccoy 944) DOMAINS: mediashare[dot]com

943) DOMAINS: myemail[dot]com

936) DOMAINS: cheapgameservers[dot​]com; amerihosting[dot​]com / amerihosting[dot​]net; ebusinesshost[dot​]com / ebusinesshost[dot​]net; gaminghost[dot​]com; reliahosting[dot​]com / reliahosting[dot​]net; reliablevps[dot​]com; cloudslice[dot​]net; matrixwebhosting[dot​]com; dedicatedserve[dot​]com / dedicatedserve[dot​]net; hostshopping[dot​]com; webhostseeker[dot​]com; hostsearcher[dot​]com; webhostsearcher[dot​]com; siteregister[dot​]com / siteregister[dot​]net; serversecure[dot​]net; metabuilder[dot​]com; electronicaddress[dot​]com.

885) DOMAINS: Company is looking forward to partner or find a sponsor for its websites; Webhosting[dot]deals, Webhosting[dot​]news, Webhosting[dot​]coupons or webhosting[dot​]events

. 884) DOMAIN: webhostingcop[dot]com (design and domain.)

771) DOMAINS: Trademarks and domains (.org, .net and .com) for “iCall”. Over the last 12 months the domains have had over 1.2m hits and over 4.2m page views. The company will consider any bona fide cash offer.

759) DOMAINS: NetColo[dot]com;

667) DOMAINS: 1300+ quality domain names for sale individually or in groups. Please contact us for a list. Includes domains such as; 800servers[.]com, Cloudhosting[.]co, Bloghoster[.]com, Colos[.]com, Dedicated[.]co, and many others.

655) DOMAINS: The following .coms are available onlinecurrency; sitecreationtool; webhostingsupportdesk (.net available as well.)

621) DOMAINS: Indulge[.]com

566) DOMAINS: Portfolio of over 750 quality .NZ domains. Seller is willing to sell as a group or individually. Please contact us for the complete list. 561) DOMAINS: windowshosting[.]com