1689) Southeastern US hoster with ~$257.5k of annualized revenue, ~$120k of which is from domains. Customers are ~65% SOHO, ~20% small business, ~10% medium business, and ~5% larger business / government. Custom billing, cPanel, Linux. May include free rack space and bandwidth through June of 2026 at current data center. Owner focusing on new business endeavors.

1688) Established Digital Marketing Agency with TTM Revenue of ~$482K and TTM SDE of ~$145K. Specializes in solutions for mid-sized organizations within the healthcare, education and professional services sectors. Loyal client base with high retention rate and long-term contracts. Some customers generating $15k recurring revenue/month. Most customers in Illinois. Owner will focus on other business interests.

1687) Established, Southeastern US private cloud provider with TTM revenue of ~$1.7m and gross profit of ~$770k. VMware partner.

1685/1634) UK area, Tier III data center, 16k sq ft with 2MW of power (upgradeable to 10MW) in an N+1 configuration, 2x Generators, 2x 100Gb Fibre Internet. Includes ~GBP 280k of annualized revenue largely from co-location and related services. Includes Office Space and Tax Advantages. Excellent reputation. (Only the data center, co-location and related assets are available. All other hosting assets have been sold.)

1684) New York area MSP with projected 2024 revenue of ~$560K and gross profit of ~$267K. Company is a network integrator and managed service provider, providing design, build and integrated IT, network, IT consulting services, telecommunication (VoIP) & cell signal booster, helpdesk, staff augmentation, and cloud solutions. Annual maintenance contracts with MRR. Solid client base in the food and hospitality industry. The owner is retiring but will help in transition.

1682) Shared hoster with ~$72K in revenue from 100 shared Linux customers supporting mostly WordPress but also some HTML sites. cPanel. One VPS on a month to month term. Seller looking to exit.

1681) UPDATED: Motivated Seller – Southeastern US hoster with ~$100k of annual recurring revenue. Services include shared, WordPress (VPS and shared is 85% Windows), and email hosting, with private cloud, domains, and SSLs. Infrastructure provided by AWS. Plesk control panel. Some Cold Fusion. Seller wants a quick sale to focus on other businesses. Although the seller would like to close by the end of May, it’s not a firm deadline. If you have any interest, we would encourage you to make an offer as the seller needs to make some decisions quickly.

1679) Established, IT Managed Services business with revenue of ~$800k and adjusted EBITDA of ~$390k located in Idaho. ~60% recurring revenue, no revenue or industry concentration. Revenue comes from IT managed services, project work, hosted phones, hosting services, among others. Company focuses on SMB customers. Owner looking to focus on other ventures. Three employees including the owner. IOI deadline is May 17th.

1677) UPDATED – Carve out of the MSP customers of a SOC/NOC business. As of Q3-2024, projected net income will be $56k/quarter on revenues of $230k/quarter. Separate financials are NOT available. Employees are based in Texas. Customers are mostly located in the southern USA and can be serviced remotely. Customers are in a variety of industries including hospitality, financial services, and non-profit. Seller’s strong preference is to partner with buyer where the buyer would continue to offer seller’s SOC/EMDR services to the customer base, and the seller would refer MSP business to the buyer. Seller is motivated and wants to focus on their SOC/NOC business.

1676) Growing SAAS business with revenue of ~$900k and cash flow of ~$400k that provides a variety of digital marketing tools including tools for social growth and engagement, lead gen, email automation and marketing optimization. Sales are largely US. 5 employees.

1675) Established Chicago region business specializing in providing wide area networking and ISP services with revenue of ~$1.5m and cash flow of ~$280k. Client contracts are generally 3 years for WAN/ISP clients with co-location services contracts of ~12 months. ARPC of ~$5k. Three employees including the owner.

1674) Established, Connecticut based MSP with revenue of ~$300,000+ and cash flow of $100,000+ from a full service offering. ~60% of revenue from services and contracts with only a small percentage from hardware sales. Five employees, including the owner and independent contractors. Owner is retiring.

1672) Established, rapidly growing digital marketing firm with revenues of ~$600k and cash flow of ~$190k. Revenue is primarily recurring from medium sized businesses. Company services include UI/UX design, custom web and app development and SEO among others. Eight employees. Business is based in the Southeastern US and 100% remote.

1671) Florida Cyber Security Company with 2023 revenues of ~$200K USD. ~23% contractually recurring revenue. The firm provides boutique cyber security consulting to small and medium size companies. Owner wants to focus on his full time job with a large corporation.

1670) New Jersey based IT Services group of companies with combined revenues of ~$10m, ~10% recurring. The companies primarily provides mission critical IT infrastructure to their enterprise clients around the world.

1668) Established Hawaiian MSP with annual revenues of ~$1.4m and EBITDA of ~$0.2m from ~100 clients. Almost all recurring. Company focuses on voice and data solutions, cloud services, domains, and IP camera security. Almost all recurring; 10 FTEs.

1666) Established, Southern California, growing digital agency focusing on eCommerce optimization and support with annual revenues of ~$1.3m and cash flow of ~$420k. 17 employees, fully remote business. Seller would like to remain in the business. Business includes a portfolio of Saas products.

1662) Digital marketing agency with annual revenue of more than $4m and cash flow of $1.8m with ~65% recurring customers, fortune 50 customers and an average order value of more than $75k. 12 employees and no seasonality.

1659) Established, growing, digital marketing business with annual revenues of ~$850k, approximately $720k recurring, and earnings of ~$560k. Services provided have evolved to include social media management, influencer marketing, email marketing, and more. Owner works full time operating the business and utilizes freelancers on a project basis.

1658) Highly profitable, US IP leasing and hosting company with annualized revenue of ~$1.6m. ~225k owned IPv4 addresses with an additional ~40k leased from third parties. Long-term, Blue chip customer base with ~80% in the US and the remainder in Europe. Two employees.

1653) Digital agency with 2023 revenue of ~$4.2m and EBITDA of ~$1.7m. The Company creates digital and viral experiences for brands that are looking for creative ways to break through the noise of the internet. The main products of the firm are (a) creating large scale viral marketing campaigns for brands, (b) full video production for commercials, TV shows, etc., (c) providing various software as service / white label technology solutions for brands. Well known marquee customers.

1650) Established full-service digital marketing agency with revenues of ~$11m and income of ~$4m. ~50 employees. The agency provides a range of services designed for businesses in every stage of their life cycle to help them achieve sustainable growth, market expansion, and long-term success. Owner is happy to stay through transition and remain engaged as an advisor.

1648) Established email automation firm with annual revenues of ~$640k from more than 70 customers and earnings of ~$210k. The Company’s solutions integrate into all ecommerce platforms. All of the Company’s customers are physical product companies and mostly in the US. The business is not SBA financing eligible.

1645) Mid-Atlantic area, B2B Cybersecurity IaaS threat detection company with annual recurring revenues of ~$330K from a subscription-based model. A remote & relocatable online business with scalable IaaS fulfillment. Healthy profit margins and growth potential. Sellers willing to stay on in a consulting role.