1. Northwestern US connectivity, co-location and Internet services firm with 2015 revenues of more than $13 million (and currently at $15 million of revenues.)  Approximately 53% of revenues from connectivity, 42% from co-location and the remainder from telephony and other services. The company’s connectivity services includes a full range of services across the US and most of Canada.  Colocation services are provided out of multiple facilities in the Northwest. Prospective buyers must be pre-approved.


  1. – Email Achiving Company for Sale with approsimately 2.5 million in 2016 sales and EBITDA of approximately $500,000. Revenues for 2017 are estimated at $3.0mm. The business has been in operations for over 10 years and throws off solid earnings. There is plenty of opportunity for cross selling these business customers for web hosting, security and managed services products.


  1. Established CMS focused, Managed Services/Hosting provider with approximately $950k in L12M revenue; approximately 86% of which is from hosting and the remainder from development. Net Operating Income of more than 30%. Primarily provides large scale Windows/SQL Server based CMS systems


  1.  Digital Agency available for acquisition: The company provides site maintenance (50% of sales), SEO (25%) of sales and site development (25%) of sales. Seventy percent of the customers are government and the balance are business accounts. Services are performed on 5 year contracts 2014 sales of $7.2 million with $2 million of EBITDA. YTD 2015 results have been strong with full year revenues projected at $8.5 million.  (Under LOI)


  1.  Developer and publisher of computer software for Windows and Mac operating systems. Sales of 1.5 Million with a margin of $150,000.00


  1. MDU ISP for Sale, $950,000 sales, $600,000 NOI.  Sales are generated from SMB’s, enterprise, Colocation and residential.